Africa’s Border Posts

Crossing borders into Africa always hangs like a dark thundercloud over your head threating to ruin your holiday in neighbouring countries. Just mention “border post” and many travellers recall pictures of long queues waiting, unfriendly officials, and so called “agents” who can’t wait to relieve you from your hard earned saved for your holiday.  And I am convinced that just the thought of crossing a border has altered or cancelled many a planned holiday into Africa.

We have been crossing borders into Africa many a time on our travels, and although experience has helped us to make it less stressful, it still remains and unpleasant event. We would like to share with you our experiences at the borders that we have crossed during trips into Africa and hopefully this will help you in making your next trip a more pleasant experience.

Border posts with neighbouring countries

You will find a full list of bordering posts with neighbouring countries on the website of the Automobile Association (  Our experience is however that the information on this website is not always up to date as border times is frequently changed.  It would therefore be in your own best interest to contact the border posts directly to verify border times or to verify the info against other reliable sources.

During our travels into Africa we have crossed a number of border posts more than once. I will comment on each of the border posts that we have personal experience off, and leave the one’s that we have not experienced yet.

The Border Posts that we have personal experience off are the following:

South Africa/Botswana:

  • Groblersbrug/Martin’s drift
  • Stockpoort/Parr’s Halt
  • Ramatlabama
  • Skilpadhek/Pioneer Gate
  • Twee Rivieren


  • Ramokgwebane/Plumtree
  • Padamatenga

Botswana/Namibia (Caprivi)

  • Ngoma Bridge
  • Mohembo

South Africa/Zimbabwe

  • Beitbridge


  • Nyamapanda/Cuchamano


  • Zobue/Mwanza


  • Mwami


  • Chirundu

South Africa/Swaziland

  • Ngwenya

In blog posts to follow I will enlighten you on our border crossing woes and also explain what documentation is required (essential) and what you can do in our opinion to make crossing a border much more easier. Not that it will save a lot of time (remember in Africa things happen the Africa way) but we might save you frustration and just maybe some money as well.


Pieter & Gerida