Makgadigadi Salt Pan – Botswana

One of the stop overs during our December 2006 Botswana trip was Kubu Island in the Makgadigadi Pans. We entered the pans from Letlhakane with perfect dry weather and not a single cloud in sight.

Late afternoon clouds started appearing on the horizon and it was not long before the skies opened and buckets of water was pouring down on us turning the pans into one big mud bath.

We left Kubu early the next morning enroute to Gweta.  A short trip that took us the whole day as we got stuck in the now wet and muddy pans.  At one point I had to left the trailer behind to get the Land Rover out of the mud, and then recover the trailer.  We reached Gweta just before dark.  See a video clip of this episode here;    or read more about this in our trip report on the trip report page in this website.

We are currently busy with an exercise to capture all our old mini DVD tapes in digital format in order for us to edit and publish some of it.  This is one of the clips, more is to follow.


Pieter & Gerida