Part One – Spending time in the North

This trip report is posted with recognition to the author, Frans Nieman, who granted us the permission to use his trip report on our page.  Frans wrote ………….


No leopard sighting richer, at about 10:30 we arrived at Senyati. Set up at no 2. We fell in love with Senyati quite quickly.


Mientjie now noticed the oil leak as well, as it seem to have had an oil explosion in the front. Eish. Asking at the office, I made my way to Mario`s  Garage in Kazungula. Very friendly little Italian. Seemed like he know about Landies, so opening time the next day the Landy will be attended to. This was also the Vic Falls day. We used the Senyati service, so I could be picked up on the way. Sorted.

Early morning I was waiting for Mario`s to open. Left the Landy there and off to Zim. Border crossing was quick for us, but the European couples with us had to wait about an hour for visas. Eventually we were there. We did not have a long day available as the return time was to be 15:30. Did the falls walk, the forest walk and the spectacle did not disappoint. The flow was very high, so much so that at many places you could not see anything. We came prepared, but the shoes were still soaked. I will let the pictures do the talking.

It was time for lunch. We had it at the Rainforest Restaurant inside the park, and must say it was very good. My first ever Zambezi, loved it. Mientjie had some other fancy thing.

This was just amazing.

Then followed the bridge walk.

Up into town for some curios, back on the bus to Senyati. Been there, done that, got the T.

Arriving back at Mario`s, the Landy was not done. He told me he found the oil leak, but cannot fix it. He still needed to assemble everything he took apart and it will be done the next day by lunch time. I could see the Pulas stacking up here. He did assure me that I must just keep on checking oil levels and not hammer the car, and then I should get home.

Back at Senyati we enjoyed the Elephants and just hanging around that evening and the next morning. Chobe river cruise was supposed to happen now, but no car, an unexpected expense still unknown, and the fact that the plains were so flooded, caused this to be abandoned. Pity.

Some of the Elephants from the deck and the hide. One night we also had a large herd of Buffalo with the Elephants. This place and these sightings are magical.

The donkey at Senyati works very well.

I decided to skip Hunters Road coming up after the 3 nights at Senyati, and rather stay another night at Senyati, due to the unsolved oil leak. From here we could easily move on to Elephant Sands where the next booking was to take us. Done.

By about 10:00 the morning after Vic Falls I phoned Mario. The car would be ready within the next hour or so, but when ready he will call me. By 15:00 no call yet. Fellow travellers arrived to check out Senyati, decided not to stay and move on to Kasane. I jumped at an opportunity for a lift to Kazungula. His wife sat on the box in the middle and me in her seat of the Pajero Shorty. Thanks guys, much appreciated. The names unfortunately slipped my mind, although we chatted again at Elephant Sands.

Arriving at Mario`s, the Landy was nowhere to be seen. Up went the stress level. Walked around the shop and there it was, in the shade AND washed. Got hold of Mario, settled the account and went back to Senyati. Very nice guy Mario, if ever you have car trouble around there, look him up.

Back at Senyati, Mientjie was very happy to see me arrive with our Landy. We leisured around, as I picked up the shopping needed at Choppies on the way back. Late the afternoon some young Elephants were very upset in the bush to the south of the campsite. I got up to check it out, next thing I noticed the typical white tail end of a wild dog, not more than 40 – 50 m form camp. Ran to call Mientjie and get the camera. There were quite a few of them, standing there in a small clearing, watching us. They then moved off towards the waterhole, but kept on going, direction Zim. Quite exiting.

The next morning we slept in a bit, and after breakfast went to Kasane for some last curio shopping. Quite a disappointment compared to Vic Falls.

Part four to follow.


Frans & Mientjie Nieman