Our journey from Chipata was pretty uneventful and it did not take us that long until we reached Bridge Camp.

The Luanga River had since had significant rain, and the level of the river had risen since we camped there in the beginning of our journey.

The humidity had also increased significantly – that we realised after Pieter and I set up camp and had to down almost a liter of water each.

We set up camp and pitched our chairs under the thatched deck for the campers. Pieter walked up the hill to pay for our stay. He got to meet the owner who is an ex South African. I was pretty pissed when I heard that he came from South Africa and is allowing the campsites to go unmaintained.

Not long, and the rain started pouring – a good excuse for Pieter and I to get into the tent and catch up on some lost sleep from the previous night.

Four hours later, we woke to the sound of another camper coming in. Ironically, these two campers – Gareth and Stacy from Tanzania were at Makuzi on Christmas day and they sat next to us at the Christmas lunch. Talk about a small world.

We made some sandwiches from the fresh bread we had bought at the Shoprite at Chipata, packed up the rest of our things, showered and went straight back to bed.

It rained throughout the whole night … and at the light of day, the Luanga River was still rising. A sight I will never forget.


Pieter & Gerida