We departed Camp Eureka early morning, our destination Bridge Camp at the Luanga River more or less halfway to Chipata.  Riaan and family were still busy packing as they wanted to push through to Chipata. We said our goodbyes hoping to see them again at Makuzi beach (Malawi) on the 27th of December.

After negotiating some serious congested morning traffic and shopping at the East Park Shopping Mall in Lusaka we were on our way to Bridge Camp. The road was in an excellent condition and we arrived at Bridge Camp just after midday.  It was as hot as hell at Bridge Camp. On the way, we did encounter two individuals on bicycles. We wondered how far they were going and if they were traveling for a cause.

Bridge Camp is not a camp that we would recommend for a long stay, but for a stopover between Lusaka and Chipata it is fine. You can get a warm shower and a good night’s rest. The Luanga River on the opposite side of Bridge Camp is almost dried up, but one wonders what the view would be like if the river was full. I would imagine spectacular.

Just as we finished setting up camp, the two bicycle drivers pulled into Bridge Camp and started setting up for the night. I overheard the man speak Afrikaans and later found out him and he’s wife are on their way to Rwanda. They were both from Cape Town and had been on the road for two months already. They are riding for a cause but also as part of a bucket list adventure they always wanted to do.

Unfortunately we did not get their names or chat to them before they left before daybreak the next day.

Bridge Camp did not disappoint, but again, it is not what the website looks like. But we were thankful for small mercies. We had hot water, working ablutions and some peace and quiet.

We did not even bother making supper – we were just too tired. We showered, got into bed and contemplated a way of sidestepping the heat and humidity … “dreams are good friends”.


Pieter & Gerida