It is now more than 15 years ago that we started travelling, camping, and exploring new places.  And the more we travel the more we were searching for new challenges away from city life. Apart from all the beautiful places in South-Africa our travels also took us beyond the borders to other countries on the African continent.  We travelled to places like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho, and the most northern part of Mozambique.

Each one of our trips were special, and we wanted to share our experiences with likeminded travellers.  The result was that we started this website,, on which we posted a trip report on return from each wonderful trip.  We shared all our experiences on the website, the good, the bad and the wonderful of each trip.  We still enjoy browsing through old trip reports and relived it.

Over time, and the more we experienced of Africa, it became more and more difficult for us when return from a trip to settle in with the rhythm and paste of the city.  We recalled on a regular basis the one or other trip and the tranquillity and peace that we experience where it was only us which the vastness of nature surrounding us.  For example, we camped for 21 days in the Central Kalahari and did not see our here ‘n single other person or vehicle for the whole period.

We were both employed in the corporate world with the result that we were only able to take long enough leave for a trip into Africa.  You will note when reading our trip reports that it was most of the time over the December/January holiday period.  This also limited us with regards to places that we could visit.  The rainy season make some areas inaccessible over this period and in other place it was just too hot.

We started dreaming more and more about the day that we would both stop working and being able to do a trip any time of the year to wherever we want to go.

In the meantime, Pieter retired and started his own consulting business in internal and forensic auditing.  He also started a business renting out caravans to holiday makers.  Both businesses were successful, but due to the nature of the businesses suffered a lot lately because of Covid-19.  Pieter could not continue his audit work that was mainly done beyond our borders, and the caravans could not go out because of the lock down restrictions.  Gerida started to work from home also because of the lockdown restrictions.

A dream that Pieter had for many years, and which is shared by Gerida, started to become stronger and stronger during this period, until one day when Pieter ask Gerida out of the blue:

“If you have a few minutes off, please check for us who is a reliable property agent in our area.”

That was the start of new exiting developments.  The dream sprung to life and developed very quickly to where we are today.

You will have to follow our web and face book pages to kept track of how this dream develop and how it will impact on Landrovingafrica, Bye-The-Way Caravans and Pieter Booyens and Associates.  This dream will not only create exiting times for us, but it will also create new opportunities to explore and enjoy for all our clients and followers.


Pieter & Gerida