In our last Blog entry (November 2017) we told you that we have plans for changing/enhancing our camping setup. We also held you in suspense with the promise to tell you more about it on our return from the Namibia/Richtersveld tour.

Well we are back, and we have made good progress with the new ideas. The first thing we had to do was to raise some cash. All our camping equipment including our vehicle were paid for, so we were totally debt free and would like to keep it that way.

To achieve that, we sold our 1955 Land Rover Series 1 (Masopha), we also sold the 1969 Land Rover Forward Control Camper (Piper), and lastly our 2005 Off-road Trailer (Donkey). This was all done towards the end of 2017 and has put some cash in our pocket, but we needed some more.

On our return from the Richtersveld in January 2018, we put our 2008 Land Rover Defender (Shrek) and the rest of our camping equipment up for sale. The Howling Moon rooftop tent, the National Luna Fridges, the Howling Moon Safari Awning and lots of smaller bits and pieces all had to go.  This decision was made in 2017 already and we knew the Namibia/Richterveld tour would be the last with our trusty travel companion for so many years.

On 4 April 2018 the last item (Shrek) was sold. That really made us feel very depressed.  For 14 years plus, we were never without sufficient camping equipment for a weekend breakaway or a longer trip.  Now we had nothing left.  We had to spend the Easter weekend and the long weekend at the end of April at home, as we had nothing to camp with, and we don’t do that well staying in lodges or chalets.

But it is not all doom and gloom, the new kid has arrived on 6 April and we are looking forward kitting him out and getting him ready for his first camping trip. The new kid is a 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 4.0L V6 with only 32 000km on the clock.

We will start soon getting him ready for our tours. First, the load box will be taken off to make place for a camping unit that will contain a kitchen, space to sleep and packing space for all that we need to take with us on an African safari.  The plans for this is already well in progress but we will keep you in suspense regarding this a little bit longer.

So, watch this space in the days, weeks, months to come.


Pieter & Gerida