To keep the inside neat, an easily removable cargo net was installed to keeps the matrass and bedding in place when travelling.  That ensure that it can’t fall off and be in the way when you open the door.

We had an aluminium box made to our own measurements and fitted it on the roof rack.  The box is water and dust tight.  Lighter items that we need to take along on trips but that is not used every day such as side awnings, ground sheets, warm jackets etc that takes up a lot of space is stored in this box. That made the storage space under the bed available for items that is used more regularly.

The high lift jack was fitted on the roof rack behind the box where it is out of the way though still easily accessible.  We always take a spade with us on our travels, and that was fitted on the rear step of the Bosluis.  No need to take it off if you not going to use it as it is under the step and out of the way when it is folded down.

To keep the inside neat and tidy and optimizing space we approached All Outdoors for a few custom-made canvas bags which we fitted on the inside of the door, against the side next to the door and against the big flat surface between the bed and the battery compartment.  That has provided a lot of extra packing space for small and light items.

The original wash basin was a small frame in which two Addis buckets fitted and which hooked onto the back of the Bosluis, just beneath the water taps.  There were three problems with this arrangement.  Firstly, the frame hooked in very loosely and did not provide a sturdy working space.  Secondly it did not provide for a space where you could place your dishwashing soup and other items.  Thirdly the two Addis buckets took up a lot of packing space.  So, the decision was to do something about this.

Firstly, we needed to find something that would take less space than the Addis buckets but still is big enough do wash the dishes in.  It must also be able to fit in the frame.  We bought a collapsible bucket from Outdoor Warehouse for this purpose.  We then fitted a piece of aluminium checker plate on top of the frame and cut a hole in it big enough for the bucket to fit in.

This arrangement provided a work surface next to the wash basin and the collapsible bucket take up less space when folded and stored away.

To make the setup sturdier we added an adjustable leg made from a tentpole that clips in on the one corner of the frame and on the tow bar of the Land Cruiser.

This concluded most of the changes that we wanted to make.  The vehicle is almost ready for its first trip which will be a visit to Namibia. There are still a few small adjustments to be made but more about that later.


Pieter & Gerida