We did not do a lot of updating on our webpage lately. One of the reasons maybe the fact that since our return from the Richterveld we sold the last of our camping equipment that we would not need anymore, leaving us with basically nothing to go camping with.  That left us a little bit depressed.

The last items sold was our Land Rover, the rooftop tent, fridges, awning and other loose stuff.

There are however a positive side to it. We already told you about the Toyota Land Cruiser that we have bought. Well slowly but surely, we are busy getting it ready for our future trips.

The Land Cruiser already had a bull bar fitted when we bought it but needed a winch. We removed the winch from the Land Rover before selling it, and that is now installed on the Cruiser.

We also acquired an ONCA skid plate and installed that to protect the steering rods and other parts from possible damage in rough terrain. We decided to go for the ONCA skid plate as the bull bar fitted is from ONCA as it tailor fit.

To limit the amount of dust intake on dirt roads, and provide for the intake of cooler air, we equipped the Cruiser with a snorkel.


Pieter & Gerida


For extra packing space we fitted a low-profile dessert roof rack from 4×4 Megaworld.

For the interior of the Cruiser we bought a custom-made dash cover from GS 4×4 Carpets in Nelspuit. Not only is it providing the dash with protection against the sun, it also has zip lock pockets for extra storage of small items and documents.

The standard centre console in the Land Cruiser P\U provide little storage space. We replaced that with a lockable centre console by Desert Amour.

Al of this is small changes in comparison to what is planned next for our Cruiser.

Friday, 6 July 2018, marked the start of the next phase which is a major change of the Land Cruiser. On this day the load bin of the Cruiser as removed, and the vehicle prepared for trip from Pretoria to the Paarl.

On Monday, 9 July 2018, the Cruiser was loaded on a Motorvia truck for the trip to the Paarl where she will be offloaded at the factory of Bushlapa Caravans.

At Bushlapa Caravans a Bush Lapa Bosluis 2 will be fitted on the back of the Land Cruiser. Bush Lapa has already started with the production of our Bosluis and our Cruiser is now required at their factory to make sure that the colour match that of our vehicle and to make sure that all is in line for a perfect fit.  Once the Bosluis is fitted the wiring of the dual battery system will be done.  The final stage will be a quality check on everything.

On completion our Land Cruiser Bosluis will look like the one in the three pictures (borrowed from the Bush Lapa Website) below.

The whole process is expected to be completed in two to three weeks.

We are super exited and are counting the days as the Land Cruiser and Bosluis will be our new home and transport on our travels though Africa.


Pieter & Gerida