During December 2009/January 2010 we did a trip through Botswana and the Caprivi with friends.  Us with the trailer and dome tent and our friends with their trailer and a trailer top tent.

As soon as we arrived home it was back to the drawing board, the trailer top tent looked so nice and easy to put up.  We did our homework on the different types and makes of trailer top tents available and decided on a Howling Moon tent.

We bought the Howling Moon tent with the extension and side walls.  In our opinion the best decision ever.

The first test run with the trailer and the Howling Moon tent was a trip to Pretorius Kop in the Kruger National Park.  It was also the first trip with our new Land Rover, a Defender 110 Puma.  We were in our element and very happy with the combination.

True to our nature we made notes of everything that we might consider changing on the trailer, the tent and the Landy for the next trip.  That is something that we did with every trip that we have ever done.

Over the years and trips to come we have made many changes to the trailer and the Land Rover.

Changes to the trailer:

  • The 120-liter water tank and drawer system at the back was added after the first trip with the trailer and the dome tent.
  • We added a kitchen unit on the left mudguard and a storage box on the right one.
  • The original lid was replaced with a custom build unit with more storage space, doors and LED lights.
  • A battery and solar system was fitted.
  • A clip-on table next to the kitchen unit was added.
  • Extra holders for gas bottles fitted.
  • A new ladder to get onto the bed was made with flat steps instead of the round ones that came with the tent.
  • The mattress in the tent was replace with custom made cloud nine type
  • Custom made silver sheets to fit the tent and extension perfectly were acquired

Changes to the Land Rover:

  • The rear jump seats were taken out and replaced with drawer systems.
  • We bought two 52-liter National Luna fridges and fitted into the rear of the Landy.
  • Gullwing doors to allow access to the fridges replaced the rear sliding windows.
  • We fitted a dual battery system and LED lights at the gullwing doors and other areas in the Landy.
  • The rear passenger seats were replaced with drawers and more storage space.

We now had the ultimate camping combination, or so did we believe.  We could use the tent with all the extensions should we stay for a couple of nights, or the tent only if we only sleep over for one night.  With the camp set up the Landy was free to drive around should we want to do it.

During 2015 we decided to do a trip to Malawi, wait for it, without the trailer.  That means back to the drawing board again.  More about that later.


Pieter & Gerida